Hand Over Isla

  • With hesitation, the group decides to hand over Isla, denying the monstrous creature and agent of the Great bounty could prove to be a terrible idea in the long run.
  • Isla accepts her fate and resigns herself to the Great Bounty, trembling as she approaches the massive beast.
  • The agent of The Great Bounty acknowledges the wise decision and tears open a portal into another world. He then tosses the group a bag of gold for their capture of a criminal.
  • The agent of The Great Bounty watches as Isla enter the portal. Moments before she enters, Isla turns to the group and tells them to save Faust before disappearing through the portal. The Lion-beast follows her through and with a loud crack, the portal vanishes as quickly as it appeared.
  • !Reward: The Lion-Beast pays you for your services.