Heeding Suri’s Warning

  • Together, the group agrees that Suri is right, Melody needs to be punished for her transgressions. But none of them feel prepared to kill Melody in cold blood.
  • Fortunately, Suri was prepared and already figures they wouldn’t be able to do the deed required. Her transparent form becomes fully opaque and Suri manifests in the real, truly touching the surface of Middara for the first time.
  • Seeing the worried looks on their faces, Suri quickly explains that the Great Bounty makes an exception for those participating in claiming those breaking their rules.
  • Suri kills Melody and steals her essence with the intent to return it to Arkalla.
  • Before departing, Suri hugs Rook and he’s able to feel her body for the first time. Rook bids Suri farewell before she blinks away.
  • After Suri’s departure, the group presses on, determined to see what Melody was protecting.   
  • ! New Story Flag: Contract Terminated.