I’m Sorry, Suri

  • In failure, Rook apologizes to Suri. The girl fighting for her life, the one the man called Isla must have been from Arkalla too. But Isla was dead now, and it was because they failed to save her.
  • Suri is disappointed, but thanks them for their attempt to help one of her sisters from Arkalla.
  • Rook asks how Isla got to Middara in the first place. Suri explains that creatures from different dimensions can create a Soul Bond with each other, allowing them to take physical form and stay in another realm permanently. Although a Soul Bond is usually permitted, Suri’s homeworld of Arkalla is one of the dimensions that is off limits from travel. Suri angrily explains that Isla was stupid and endangered the man she Soul Bonded with. Suri doesn’t blame Rook for their failure to save Isla, she blames Isla for her recklessness that got herself and someone she loved killed. Suri ushers them away, telling them that they must leave before the Great Bounty arrives. The Great bounty has a track record for punishing anyone involved with such mingling.
  • Zeke lights up cigarette and wipes at his brow before agreeing with Suri and claiming that they still have a Theodotion Mage that needs to be found.