It Wasn’t Me!

  • They reach the Aegis stone just in time to see a terrible explosion as it’s shattered. After surviving the shockwave, they rush forward in confusion, determined to find Zeke.
  • They do, but not where they expect. Zeke isn’t anywhere near the stone, but is lying on the ground, badly beaten.
  • After interrogating him, they learn he’d come with no real hope of opening the Aegis stone, but was confronted by Echo. She beat him senseless, then continued on to destroy the stone and pass into the Eerie.
  • Shayliss insists they return to warn Greyhaven, but Zeke refuses. He’s going to rescue Justice no matter what.
  • Nightingale sides with Zeke, arguging that it will take time for the monsters inside to notice. If they can get Justice out quickly, they can save her and still warn the city.
  • ! Special: Zeke is no longer Unselectable
  • ! Flag Check: Reluctant Partnership