It’s My Decision

  • Rook watches in horror as the Shadow Lord easily overcomes his friends one at a time. They fought hard, but the creature is far too powerful. They obviously never stood a chance. Finally he attracts its attention, before it can start killing them.
  • Rook points out that the Shadow Lord claimed its word was absolute. It never applied any conditions on the deal, and so they should still be able to take it. He wants to trade his life for Justice’s, and their safe exit from its domain.
  • The Shadow Lord is impressed with his cleverness, and accepts the exchange. Suri emerges to try to talk him out of it, but the odds are stacked against them. They already tired to fight, and failed.
  • Rook gives her pendant to Nightingale. Suri is furious, and lashes out against the Deathlord without effect, before vanishing.
  • Rook begs the group to take good care of Suri now that he’s gone. The Shadow Lord murders him before their eyes, giving them Justice in exchange.
  • ! New Story Flag: A New Owner
  • ! Special: Rook has died