It’s Not Our Decision To Make

  • Nightingale protests Suri’s decision to kill anyone in cold blood, even if they’re an enemy.
  • Suri resorts to threatening Melody. The two agree to mutually keep each others presence on Middara a secret. Then, Suri angrily swooshes away, leaving a blue luminescent hue in her wake.
  • The Maluma hisses inside of Nightingale’s mind, urging her to reconsider letting Melody live. Nightingale fights away its mind numbing banter by screaming at it, alarming everyone else in the room who couldn’t hear the Maluma.
  • Melody announces that she believes that her debt to the Black Hand and Malik has been paid. Then, with a thank you, Melody pulls herself away and leaves the cellar, promising to never return.
  • After Melody’s departure, the group presses on, determined to see what Melody was protecting.