It’s Us or Him

  • Nightingale is convinced that killing Zafir is the right choice. The Maluma wants him alive so badly that it must be the optimal choice. If he stays, he’ll try to kill her, but if he leaves he’ll rally the Anointed to keep hunting them.
  • Zeke argues against it, insisting that Zafir is unarmed and there’s no way they can possibly kill him, then they’d be no better than he is. Justice agrees, insisting that Zafir doesn’t have to die.
  • But Nightingale passes judgement anyway. Even so, when she’s about to do it, she’s unable to swing her sword. Zafir can see this, and agrees to make the process easier on her in exchange for a favor. He asks her to save Echo. Nightingale agrees, and the battle begins.
  • ! Special: Justice is Unselectable.
  • ! Special: Nightingale must be part of the active group.