Listen Here!

  • Unable to overcome the infestation of monsters in the hidden tunnel, the party retreats and makes their way back to the Hyde manor’s gate. Realizing that the threat beneath the estate supersedes their need for secrecy, Nightingale confronts the guards.
  • The guards glare at them dubiously as they approach.
  • Nightingale comes clean about their identity and tells the guards of the serious monster infestation in the hidden tunnel below the Hyde Estate.
  • The Hyde family has apparently already officially called for help from Elenia due to some disease that is spreading. For these reasons, the guards assume that Nightingale and the others must be the help from Elenia that they sent for.
  • The guards let them pass and lead the group to the main room of the Hyde manor where a man waits for them.
  • Elias Hyde welcomes them, and has them take a seat before introducing himself. Elias looks worn and his face droops in misery. Behind the expensive clothing and jewelry, it’s clear that something is wrong. Before Nightingale can inquire, another man appears, and  Elias introduces the man as his son, Damocles.
  • Damocles is intimidating, apprehensive, and tall. He sits nearby and suspiciously stares at the party.