Little Gold Lie

  • Zeke and Nightingale track down Teegan Patel to tell her their fabricated story.
  • Zeke exclaims that the Corpse collector bested them and they were unable to snag the Lotus.
  • Nightingale chimes in and explains that Lyle didn’t trust them anyway. Nightingale then promises that she will see what she can do about the situation once she gets back to Elenia. It’s an empty promise though, and Nightingale can’t help but feel guilty.
  • Teegan understands the situation and doesn’t hold it against them. Instead, Teegan appreciates them trying at all. Before departing, Teegan hypes herself up, confident that she’ll find another way to get her daughter to Middara. Then, she lets them know that she hopes to meet again one day.