Loa Problems

  • While wandering through the streets of Elenia, a man named Therld approaches the party in panic. He explains that he’d stolen a crystal from an altar deep within the forest.
  • Since the theft, the loas in the region have been angered and are attacking locals.
  • Therld asks Nightingale if she will use her clout and leverage as royalty to give the crystal to the local guard so that they can organize and remedy the issue by replacing the crystal on the altar.
  • Therld says that he cares for the Loa and is offering a reward for replacing the crystal on the altar with as few casualties to the Loa as possible.
  • Seeing this as perfect practice for the White Vaults, Nightingale decides to skip the guards and takes matters into her own hands. She takes the crystal and heads for the forest.
  • Rook, Remi, and Zeke follow.
  • ! Special: Someone in the party must carry the Loa Crystal.