Lost in the Eerie

  • Rook leads the way, though it doesn’t seem like he knows where he’s going more than anyone else.
  • The Maluma speaks to Nightingale, trying to convince her to give up. The trip is far too dangerous. He informs Nightingale of the dangers to them if they’re killed here, that the Shadow Lord will enslave their souls forever if they die.
  • Zeke discovers bloodstains on the ground, which glow briefly when touched.
  • While they’re deliberating, a pair of creatures appear in the darkness, a set of adorable pies that greet them like they’re brave adventurers sent to rescue them. They quickly take a liking to Zeke.
  • Zeke explains their mission, and the pixies respond that they can help with the rescue. They need to get a few things, but it’s on the way to save the girl anyway.
  • The rest of the group is doubtful of their trustworthiness, but Zeke insists that they must know where they’re going, and the group follows.