Lost Love

  • After a terrible battle, Zafir and the group defeat the Soul Stitcher, damaging it so badly that it is forced to retreat. Echo is injured as well, but not slain. She drops, and Zafir tries to help treat her.
  • Damocles confronts Zafir, insisting that the time has come to get justice for his mother’s murder. Zafir refuses to let him harm Echo, insisting that she’s only a victim, and Charon is the one to blame for her murder. After an argument, he eventually backs down.
  • Justice takes the Pontifex piece from Echo, insisting that it’s insurance against Zafir attacking them again.
  • The Maluma tries to force Nightingale to take the piece for herself, but she is able to resist. She realizes that splitting up the Pontifex means that the Maluma can’t win by just controlling her, and so she lets Justice take it.
  • Before they can even finish treating Echo, let alone interrogating her, the Soul Stitcher returns, appearing so abruptly that no one is able to react. It attacks, aiming for the group around Echo to reclaim its puppet.
  • Echo shoves Zafir out of the way, but Justice isn’t so lucky, and she vanishes into the creature. This was Echo’s plan all along, as she reveals that Justice has been sent away with the Pontifex piece to somewhere her master can’t get it.
  • Before the group can attack her, the Soul Stitcher realizes it has been tricked, and drags her away in fury, breaking several of her bones to get her out a narrow opening in the ceiling.
  • A newcomer appears at the cave entrance, apparently someone who followed the group just like they followed Echo. It’s Shayliss Arsen, Nightingale’s older sister.
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