Lotus For A Child

  • Back at the Harbinger embassy, the team approaches Lyle with the Corpse Lotus. Ecstatic, Lyle tells his secretary to fetch a basin of water to place the flower in.
  • Zeke demands that he holds up his end of the bargain before receiving the Lotus.
  • Lyle pulls out a file from his desk, scribbles some notes and promises to send the letter out to Regional with the next caravan.
  • Zeke threatens that there will be repercussions from the Jeong family if Lyle’s promises are not met. Lyle only chuckles and waves them away.
  • The party makes their way back to Teegan’s estate. It isn’t hard to find seeing as all they had to do was look for the second largest mansion in the town. Apparently the Patel family had some importance in the town.
  • Teegan is endlessly thankful for their work and promises to meet again one day.
  • !Special: Discard the Corpse Lotus Item.
  • !New Story Flag: The Patel Daughter.