Main Quest: A Dangerous Situation

  • After a day to recover, the group gathers together for dinner in the old camp. Justice makes her way over, trailing behind an agitated Zafir and the rest of the anointed. Zafir is furious with Nightingale, explaining that she’s lied about the Maluma.
  • The Maluma begs Nightingale to run right then, telling her that Zafir is going to try to kill her, but Nightingale refuses to listen to it.
  • Justice does her best to stick up for her, reminding Zafir that Nightingale put herself in danger to free the anointed, and that she’s obviously on their side.
  • Before the rest of the group can react, Zafir springs a trap around Nightingale, trapping her and the others inside a shield. He intends to leave them there until the Great Bounty arrives, to kill Nightingale and then destroy the Maluma for good.
  • Zafir apologizes for having to do it, believing Nightingale dead a long time ago, and everything that she’s done since the work of the Maluma trying to trick them.
  • After failing to convince him to let them go, Justice blasts the trap with her Theodotian magic, tearing it apart and freeing the group inside. She’s forced to flee into the jungle from the Anointed.
  • Zeke runs after her, while the rest of the group retreats another way.
  • ! Special: Justice is Unselectable
  • ! Special: Zeke is Unselectable