Make A Break For It

  • Nightingale’s protests are for nought. Grace reasons that Balthazar would do anything to protect his family, and so will she. Grace uses her guards to forcefully drag the group to a set of rooms in the far tower, forcing them to stay until Aisling is caught. She promises that once Balthazar can arrive to take his unruly daughter back to the capital that they can leave.
  • Meanwhile, Remi is taken by Malik and the two return to their estate.
  • Nightingale takes no comfort in the luxury of the prison Grace chooses for them. It’s a  lush bedroom in the high tower. Nightingale looks out over the coastal city from a wide balcony that overlooks the city and worries that she’ll be trapped until the Maluma is able to take her body and mind. After a lot of tossing and turning, Nightingale is finally able to suppress her anxiety enough to drift off to sleep.
  • In the middle of the night, the voice of the maluma startles Nightingale to wake, instructing her to go to the balcony.
  • Behind the glass of the balcony, Nightingale finds Padric waving with a smile and set of harnesses. Nightingale smiles as she realizes that Padric is staging an escape effort.
  • When asked why he’d do something so dangerous, Padric adds that he owes Shayliss more than they know, and he believes Nightingale when she says that the Maluma is a threat to her life.
  • After getting her friends in the room across from her’s, the four escapes the tower by night and set off to emulate the same escape attempt for Remi at Malik’s estate.