Malik’s Mission

  • While exploring the delightful bustling streets of the coastal town of Rhamsted, Remi spots Mia out of the corner of her eye.
  • Her father’s steward waves at her from a nearby ally. Remi approaches to find that Mia was sent to fetch the four of them for a favor.
  • Mia gives Remi an envelope. Inside, Remi finds that it contains instructions for the town guard. It details Malik’s intent to allow the four of them to accompany the guard while they seek out a missing caravan.
  • Ever the optimist, Nightingale convinces the group to go look for the caravan alone. She reasons that a caravan that has simply gone missing shouldn’t require a whole set of guards to find.
  • Shortly into the search, they find the caravan abandoned, wrecked, and in disarray as if destroyed by some sort of explosion. Before they can look for the source of the damage, they are ambushed by wild creatures.