(Minor– Updated): Melee/Ranged Icons (PG. 31)

We updated the Melee/Ranged Icon rules. They referenced a ranged value. however, no Melee Ranged Icon has a range value. In addition, we added clarifications on what you do when you have two weapons equipped with the Melee/Ranged Icon. (Example: Two shields.)

“Items with this Icon are considered to have both the Melee Icon and the Ranged Icon. These Weapons may be equipped with either a Melee or a Ranged Weapon and assume the Range and type of whatever they are paired with. If both of your equipped Weapons have the Melee/Ranged Icon then both are considered Melee Weapons. Abilities with this Icon are referencing both Melee and Ranged, meaning that they can be used with Weapons that have either Icon.”