My Duty

  • Damocles wants the Grim Deacon called Echo to pay for her involvement in his mother’s death. Angry and out for revenge, Damocles arrives with packs ladened with gear as the party is turning to leave Hyde.
  • Justice explains that the Swamps of Gehenna are incredibly dangerous. She cautions Damocles on his choice to join the party but he isn’t deterred.
  • Damocles explains that he isn’t going to rest until he avenges his mother and finds and  uncovers every detail. Damocles vows to punish everyone who was involved in the plot of Rivka’s murder and the threat to Hyde.
  • Together, the group begins to head out of the city.
  • !New Party Member: Damocles joins the party.
  • !Flag Check: Depending on your flags, continue to the appropriate scene.