(Major – New): Added 2 new Variant Rules (PG. 71)

Hard Mode: Use any or all of these rules for a harder experience.

  • Active Combatants: Whenever a Combatant Spawns, place its Initiative Card directly after the Initiative Card of the figure who’s currently taking their turn. If the current turn is ambiguous, place it at the end of the Initiative Track instead. If the figure’s Initiative Card is already on the table, the figure will take its turn the next time it’s Initiative Card would normally dictate that its turn begins.
  • Unpredictable Combat: At the start of every round, shuffle the Initiative Track.time two or more abilities would occur at the same time and the order in which they resolve is important, players should always resolve the abilities in the order in which is the most beneficial to the figure currently taking the turn.”

Names were also added to the available Easy Mode Options.

Easy Mode: Use any or all of these rules for an easier experience.

  • Favorable Conditions: When an Intelligent Combatant opposed to the Adventures is faced with multiple options during their turn, make the decision based on what’s the least detrimental to the Adventurers.
  • Reconnaissance: During the Setup of an Encounter, place the Adventurers in the Starting Zone after dealing out the Initiative Track.
  • XP Leniency: If players wish to Re-Spec, their first Re-Spec is free.