(Critical – New): Effect & Ability Token Limitations (PG. 67)

Effect and Ability Token Limitations weren’t clear enough in our Rule Book. Many of these limitations were spread unevenly across cards and required our players to insinuate the limitation rather than being told. We’ve added the following rules to the Rulebook:

Effect & Ability Token Limitations
An Adventurer may not have more than 1 of any given type of Effect Token. This means that you can have both Barrier and Haste, but you cannot have Barrier or Haste twice.

The limitation on Ability Tokens changes depending on the Ability Token in question. If an Ability Token doesn’t specify a limit here, on the token, or in the back of this Rulebook, there is no limit to how many tokens a figure may have.

  • Dodge: Limit 3.
  • Intervention: Limit 1.
  • Vow: Limit 5.