Nightingale Alone

  • Nightingale stands at the edge of the trapdoor, and nearly jumps in after her friends. But the Maluma persuades her that the fall is much too risky, and so she decides to wait for her friends to return.
  • She rests uneasily in the empty camp, until the library begins to shake itself apart. A strange nymph appears from the darkness, saying that something has triggered her trap. Nightingale demands the return of her friends, and the Nymph responds that she can die like them too.
  • Nightingale is about to fight her, when a massive monster tunnels from the ground behind the nymph, a terrifying predatory wurm. The Maluma tries to coax her into fighting it. She narrowly escapes being eaten alive, until another nymph appears to rescue her.
  • The friendly Nymph is called Breeze, and she reveals the Nymph trying to kill her friends is Alana, a former forest nymph who killed or captured all of Breeze’s former tribe. She believes she has done the same to Nightingale’s friends, capturing them for her mount to devour.
  • After some deliberation, they agree to work together to rescue whoever they can, and Breeze leads Nightingale down another path through Gehenna.