Not a Killer or a Fool

  • The Maluma is pleased to see that Nightingale is making the most sensible choice. Nightingale does not react well to this praise. Damocles is even more upset, and probably would’ve attacked if Rook didn’t hold him back. He thinks Zafir deserves to die just for letting Echo free.
  • Zafir thanks Nightingale for her mercy, and apologizes for suggesting that she didn’t have any of her willpower left. He makes to leave with Justice, but she refuses. She’s unwilling to come with him after the murders he’s committed.
  • Before leaving, Zafir requests that Nightingale do her best to save Echo. She’s in the same position, and deserves compassion. She agrees.
  • ! New Flag: Irreconcilable Differences
  • ! Flag Check: Last of her Coterie