Patel Family Influence

  • While walking around Hyde, a woman recognizes Nightingale and frantically runs up to her.
  • Zeke jokes that their plans of falsifying their identities has already failed.
  • The woman introduces herself as Teegan Patel. She invites the party to dinner and explains that the Patel family is close friends with the Hyde’s. She even seems know both Nightingale’s and Zeke’s parent’s personally.
  • Hoping that Teegan Patel can be convinced not to blow their cover, Rook and the others agree to go out to dinner with her.
  • Teegan leads them to a hole-in-the-wall rice ball joint and they sit down for what Teegan claims are the best rice balls in all of Elenia. During dinner, the group learns that Teegan and her husband were with Elias Hyde and both Zeke and Nightingale’s parents when Elenia was founded. Impressed, Rook wants to know more about her past but is cut short when Teegan reveals that she needs Nightingale’s help.
  • Teegan explains that she has a daughter on Earth. Apparently, her daughter’s foster mother died and the father refused to give her up to the Harbingers when they came from Middara to get her. Teegan pleads with Nightingale to use her status as a princess to petition the Hyde Harbinger contingent to try and collect her daughter a second time, this time, making sure that her daughter is forced to come to Middara.
  • The group has mixed opinions on forcing someone from Earth to give up their child against their will, but ultimately they agree to help in hopes that Teegan will return the favor.
  • !Reward: It looks like you have some leftovers!