Path To Citizenship

  • The party leaves the Institute of Elenia and makes their way into a courtyard where students are greeted and congratulated by their friends and family.
  • Nightingales father, King Balthazar, and mother, Queen Kezia, let her know how proud they are of her. A rare occurrence.
  • Zeke and Rook are also greeted by their families but Remi is alone. Her family is not there.
  • Rook’s parent’s excitedly tell him that Balthazar has invited him to a special meeting to discuss his future. Nightingale assumes that her father will use the meeting as Rooks formal invite into the training program of the Demiurge and cant help but be a bit jealous of Rook.
  • Nightingale invites Remi to come hang out at the graduation ceremony and Remi reluctantly agrees.