Pontifex Begone

  • Echo is finally defeated, badly wounded and backed into a corner. Nightingale urges her to stop, but she drags herself alone, unable to keep fighting through conditions that would’ve killed a normal person.
  • The Anointed prepare to finally kill here, but Zafir refuses to do anything to stop her. He wants to know why she is fighting them, and why he hasn’t returned to her before now.
  • Before she can answer, the Soul Stitcher returns, a powerful esper that seals her wounds in a few moments before callously dragging her back through the jungle away from camp. She screams for help a second before she vanishes into the undergrowth.
  • Zafir tries to follow, but he’s not fast enough. The Soul Stitcher doesn’t actually care about hurting her, and so they quickly lose it in the night.
  • ! New Flag: Grievous Wounds