• Zafir admits to destroying the Aegis stone, and is completely unrepentant.
  • Tyrial is furious, demanding to know why he would condemn his whole city to die. When Zafir responds that there is much more at stake, Tyrial seems to want to kill him right there.
  • Abigail stops him, and they have a brief conversation about the sincerity of his beliefs.
  • Tyrial calls the guards and throws the Anointed into the dungeons, despite Justice’s protests that they did save her and she has the Pontifex piece needed to help Nightingale.
  • Zafir pleads to be allowed to help, but Tyrial ignores him, and Shayliss won’t speak for him.
  • ! New Story Flag: Imprisoned Anointed
  • ! Special: Zafir is imprisoned.