Reluctant Partnership

  • Nightingale decides that the best way to proceed is with Zafir on their side, and declares her ultimatum for him. They’re on the same side, they have the same enemies, and she demands that he help her get free of the Maluma.
  • Damocles is outraged by this alliance, and does everything he can to persuade them not to stay with Zafir. He insists that Zafir can’t be trusted, and even tries to attack him. Nightingale refuses his arguments, and eventually he settles for vowing to watch Zafir and search for disloyalty.
  • Zafir waits patiently for this display to be concluded, before introducing Nightingale to the surviving Anointed, Ezra and Brea.
  • After these introductions, Zafir confides in Nightingale, apologizing for attacking her and confessing that she is clearly still in control of herself. Even so, he says that he’ll be ready to kill her if the Maluma ever wins.
  • ! New Party Member: Zafir
  • ! New Story Flag: Reluctant Partnership
  • ! Flag Check: Last of Her Coterie