(Minor – New): Removed/Re-Arranged: (PG. 39, 43, 51, and 67)

The following sections had information removed from the Rule Book:

  • Phases of an Adventurer’s Turn (PG. 39)
    The information listed on the order in which you resolve Abilities at the Start and End of your turn has been removed. These rules did not account for everything we would like to add to our game and were needlessly complex for how little they allowed us to do. Instead, the rules for Simultaneous Abilities occurring is now listed under the “Other Rules” section on PG. 67. In practice, this will not change your game mechanically in any way. However, if something does occur at the same time and their is any question as to which order it happens in, refer to the “Simultaneous Abilities” Section added to our Errata and new Digital Rule Book.
  • The Spell Action (PG. 51)
    The order in which the information presented for Empowering a Spell has been re-arranged to reflect something closer to the Attack Steps. This will not change your game mechanically in any way.
  • Resistances, Immunities, and Protection (PG. 43, 67)
    These sections had redundant information for ImmunitiesResistances, and Protection. We removed these items as all the information required for these were under their corresponding Tags on PG. 33.