Retreating Wurm

  • The fight with Alana doesn’t go as well for her as she expects, as the group manages to beat her back, weakening her Wurm and nearly killing them both. She’s forced to retreat underground to avoid being killed.
  • The group tries to follow, but they’re not fast enough, and they can’t tunnel like the Wurm can. It tunnels away into the darkness, leaving them behind.
  • The group returns to the surface, finding Nightingale isn’t waiting for them at the camp.
  • Rook insits they go right back underground to find her, but no one else has enough energy for the task. He’s outvoted, as everyone else says they need to rest before they can go back down. They’re all wounded and exhausted from the fight, and getting themselves killed won’t help Nightingale.
  • ! Flag Check: Key Defeat