Reuniting with Friends

  • The rulers of Greyhaven, Abigail and Tyrial, seem to be expecting them. They soon discover why, as Padric is in the throne room, and has told them they would be coming.
  • They share an awkward introduction, with Abigail and Shayliss seeming tense with one another.
  • Nightingale introduces herself, and confirms what Padric has told them about the Maluma.
  • Remi reacts with horror, discovering Aisling in chains standing in a corner of the room, with an escort of guards.
  • Padric tries to calm her down, explaining that after Balthazar wasn’t in Elenia, they traveled to Greyhaven. This seems the best place for her to receive her judgement.
  • Nightingale is forced to be the one to stop Remi and Aisling from getting into a physical confrontation with each other.
  • ! Flag Check: Reluctant Partnership