Revenge for Echo

  • Nightingale wanders through the camp, past the corpses of the fallen members of the Anointed. She can’t help but feel guilt for killing Zafir, even though he was hardly kind to her. The Maluma appears, furious with her. Charon apparently wanted him, and by killing him the Maluma will be unable to appease its master.
  • Remi and Zeke try to reassure Nightingale, without much success. She finds the well and washes her face, but still feels bloody. Justice refuses to help them find Echo, who they still need to track down to get back the piece of the Pontifex she took from Zafir.
  • Nightingale tries to find her location by asking the Maluma, but it only laughs in her face.
  • Eventually Remi notices that Echo has left some tracks. If they hurry, they can follow her before she gets too far.
  • ! Special: Justice is no longer Unelectable.
  • ! Flag Check: Experienced Guide