Secret Entrance

  • Beyond the monsters and other horrific creatures beneath the Hyde Estate, the party travels deeper into the tunnels until they come upon a solid piece of metal seated against the stone wall at the end of a tight tunnel. The group squeezes forward and push against the metal until it opens spilling the group into a dark room. Looking around, they realize that they are inside of a cellar.
  • Believing that this has to be the Hyde Estate, Rook begins to worry that this tunnel was either an old escape tunnel for the royalty, or it was dug for a more nefarious purpose. The group isn’t able to theorize as a crash and a yell nearby signals to the group that they’ve been discovered by someone inside of the cellar.
  • Inside the cellar is a tall angry looking man with red eyes and a flowing purple cloak. Seeing the group come out of a hidden tunnel inside of the Cellar, the man accuses them as intruders in his house and criminals who are behind a recent attack on his Estate.
  • The group tries to explain why they’re inside of his but the man cuts them off with a shout. He accuses them of infecting his mother with some sort of disease before angrily reaching out with magic and summoning a pair of Espers to aid him. The three them move to engage in a fight with who they are convinced are violent intruders.