Serious Situation

  • Elias leads the party into his estate to discuss the matters at hand. As they walk, Elias explains that he’s be waiting a long time for the requested help from Elenia to arrive. He didn’t know that the princess of Elenia herself would be the one they’d send to help him.
  • Nightingale only smiles, keeping up the lie and hoping Elias explains more without her having to ask any questions. Luckily, he does.
  • Elias then explains his perils and informs the party of a sort of disease that is spreading within the city  of Hyde called The Blight.
  • People infected with The Blight devolve into mindless, bloodthirsty monsters called Blighted Guardians. Recently, everything came to a dramatic head when a Blighted Guardian found its way into the Hyde Estate during the night and attack Elias’ wife Rivka.
  • Elias explains solemnly that Rivka is not doing well. As he begins to point out the severity and declining health of his wife Elias is unable to finish the sentence as despair overtakes him.
  • His son, Damocles, steps forward and tells the party about a Blighted Guardian that had broken into their house and attacked his mother Rivka and infected her with The Blight. They didn’t know how it got in previously, but with the discovery of the tunnels they found, it was clear that it came from beyond the entrance and in the cellar where the party fell from.
  • This confirms that the entrance found was unknown to the Hyde family. Rook is relieved, their discovery was more important than he could have imagined.
  • Rook expresses his knowledge about The Blight to his friends. It’s well known that there is no cure and anyone infected by the horrific disease meets a terrible end. Rook knows that Rivka likely doesn’t have long before she is turned into a Blighted Guardian herself.
  • Elias confirms Rook’s concern and let’s them all know that this investigation must be done with discretion in mind.
  • Both Damocles and Elias suspect foul play behind the recent surge of Blighted victims in Hyde. Especially now that they discovered those hidden tunnels, it’s likely that whoever was behind their construction is directly behind the recent outbreak and Rivka’s infection.
  • Damocles adds that there was an incident in the mines a few days prior. Not long after the attack on their estate and Rivka’s infection, there was an explosion in the mines.
    Damocles suspects that this explosion has something to do with whoever is behind all this madness.
  • Elias asks Nightingale and the others to help them find and apprehend the individuals responsible for building the tunnels and the explosion in the mines.
  • Before they can leave, Elias pauses to look at Nightingale softly. Elias reminds her that he’s the King’s appointed duke in Hyde. He served Balthazar faithfully and helped explore these wildlands before this town even existed. He’s happy to see the Princess herself stepping up to help the Hyde family in their time of need. Her friends were even recommended by Shayliss Arsen herself.
  • Elias then promises to keep her safe. He appoints Damocles to accompany them and to get ot the bottom of the events that are transpiring.
  • Not wanting to give her cover away, Nightingale only smiles and thanks Elias. However, she wonders who Shayliss had originally intended to send as the help.
  • Damocles promises to not let his father down and then briskly moves passed the group. Waving a hand for them to follow.
  • !New Story Flag: Elias’s Gratitude.