Sickening Fall

  • Aisling is pushed over the cliff. As she teeters over the edge, she drops the Hegemonix and yells for Padric to save her. Padric reaches out in vain as Aisling disappears over the edge.
  • Padric watches helplessly as Aisling falls, screaming. She slams into the rocks far below. Padric watches in horror as her body washes away into the ocean.
  • Nightingale backs away slowly as the others corner her. Desperate, Nightingale goes for a knife on her own belt and moves to jam it into her own neck, but Rook takes her to the ground with a vicious tackle before the suicidal blow can be delivered.
  • Nightingale thrashes in Rook’s arms. Remi approaches her, horrified that Nightingale did something so reckless to try and save her.
  • Remi comforts Nightingale until the Maluma finally relinquished its hold and rolls back deep within her. The ordeal of clawing her own consciousness back to the surface of her psyche leaves Nightingale shaken. As she regains control of her body the organic armor and weapon vanish back inside of her.
  • Nightingale sobs into Remi’s shoulder, shaken by the ordeal.
  • Zeke picks up the Hegemonix in the grass triumphantly. Padric only scoffs at him, angry that they killed Aisling.