Side Quest: Lakshmi the Gatekeeper

  • Remi approaches Rook, who has been watching Lakshmi trade with the Anointed. He explains that he’s trying to understand gatekeepers, and make sense of their motivations. Remi discourages him from pestering her, but Rook ignores her.
  • Rook formally introduces himself to the merchant, and asks why she’s collecting keys. They have a long conversation about how she’s hoping to find the way to open the door to her destiny. But Lakshmi is frustrated, since she lost a key she thinks is important somewhere in the swamp.
  • Rook volunteers to retrieve it for her, and gathers the others. It was only a tree that took it, after all. But Damocles, Nightingale, and Zeke know better. Even so, it’s too late to refuse, and so they set off.