Side Quest: The Lonely Girl

  • Flag Requirement: Last of Her Coterie
  • Nightingale discovers Ursy alone in a dark corner of the camp, obviously traumatized after what she suffered. She does her best to comfort the nymph, but Ursy is heartbroken beyond reason. In her mind, her entire world is gone, entire tribe slaughtered.
  • Nightingale learns that the Nymphs aren’t immortal, and rarely live beyond twenty years old. That’s why Alana became the monster she was in the first place, making a pact with her Wurm in order to extend her life.
  • Ursy explains that though Nymphs don’t live very long, they do contain a seed inside them, which can germinate into the next generation after their death. She’s heartbroken that those Alana consumed were destroyed, but then seems relieved when she realizes that there were others in her village who hadn’t been planted yet.
  • Nightingale volunteers the group to help out, and soon they set out into the jungle to recover and plant the seeds. They discover Usry’s old village, overgrown and destroyed. As Ursy begins searching for the seeds, monsters from the jungle are attracted by the noise.