Slain Hendrix

  • The corpse of Hendrix Patel sits in a collapsed heap on the ground. Damocles expresses how important the Patel family had been to the prosperity of Hyde. He still couldn’t believe that they’d betray them like this. To conspire with Grim Deacons was treason.
  • Justice stammers in confusion. She swears that the Grim Deacon Hendrix was with, the one he called Echo, was killed in the initial blast that brought them to the mines in the first place. Justice even claims that she saw her crumpled destroyed body torn to bits. There was no way she could have survived her magical blast that tore down the mines.
  • Nightingale finds herself continually looking towards Justice’s spell book. Somewhere inside that incredible source of power might be the cure she needed. Nightingale presses the party to take a look around so that they can get out of these mines.
  • The party begins feverish searching the laboratory for clues as to how to Blight can be cured. Unfortunately, all the books in the lab seemed to be instruction manuals on how to spread disease, not cure it.
  • After digging through the books for hours, they decide to pile them up on the body of Hendrix and burn the remains.
  • The group follows after the direction that Echo went. Through the door they find a long corridor. Not long later they find themselves overlooking the city of Hyde from a hidden entrance in the hill side.
  • Damocles thanks the group for their help and together they decide to inform Elias of Hendrix’s collusion with the Grim Deacons.
  • !New Story Flag: An End to Madness.