Sleep Tight

  • After scouting, Nightingale returns to camp and further expresses her disdain for this phony dungeon. She wants to go on a real adventure and intends to make that a reality after her graduation.
  • The party rests.
  • The next day, as they explore The Acerbus training dungeon further, Nightingale becomes reckless and disobeys Rook’s warnings to take heed. She veers off path and in her carelessness is ambushed by an Earth Loa.
  • Rook springs to action and narrowly saves her life as they dash to safety.
  • Zeke chastises Nightingale, angry at her disregard for their safety.
  • The party gets back on path and continues until they find a room full of fellow students waiting to take the final part of their test before graduation, The Gauntlet.
  • After a long wait, and with encouragement from Shayliss, the four enter the dungeon to hopefully finally graduate.