Sneaking Into The Crime Scene

  • Not far from Malik’s manor, the four begin to discuss the best course of action. During their debate, Nightingale hears the Maluma whisper inside of her head once more. It claims that it knows how to find the one responsible for the murder and if she would allow it to take control of her body, the Maluma would lead her there.
  • Nightingale’s resistance to the Maluma wanes but nevertheless, she holds strong. Nightingale screams at the Maluma to stop trying to manipulate her. Her sudden outburst at seemingly nothing causes the group to worry about Nightingale’s mental health.
  • Seeing the urgency slowly starting to manifest itself in Nightingale’s physical and mental appearances, Remi decides to find the crime scene herself. By asking around town, the four are able to find the scene of the murder. It ends up being a small house in the poorer district of the city.
  • The group hides outside of the house and stakes the place out until nightfall. Strangely, the building isn’t guarded by the city watch and is instead being stalked by two of Malik’s guards in black. Remi admits that these men are her fathers goons and they call themselves the Black Hand. Zeke’s suspicions that Malik was a bit of a villain are confirmed by this. Remi berates him, defending her father’s integrity. Then she takes charge of the situation, leaving the others behind to watch as she convinces the guards to leave.
  • Once the coast is clear, the group enters the informants house and stumble upon the gruesome murder scene. The Informant seems to have been literally splattered about the room. Whatever killed him did it in a spectacular fashion and couldn’t have been done by non-magical means.
  • The group searches the scene. Rook finds a black ledger that details a list of artifacts. Suri appears to confirm that these are stolen property from the dead. Each one a dark name from Arkalla that had been killed and had their belongings stolen. Rook comes to the conclusion that this was a ledger of artifacts that Malik had likely been peddling. Remi defends her father, but the evidence against him surmounts as Rook clearly finds transactions being tracked.
  • A noise from below them alerts the group to the presence of something beneath them. Together, the four search, finding a hidden trap door that leads into the cellar below the house. Down below, in the darkness, a strange woman contorts in inhuman ways and attacks them.