Spend That Gold

  • Just as her father instructed, Remi stops by her house to grab her gear before they depart Rhamsted.
  • She finds the Black Hand hard at work cleaning up what’s left of the Moretti estate.
  • Mia, the steward, invites her inside and shows her to her bedroom.
  • After grabbing her gear, as Remi turns to leave she sees a box on her bed. She might have not seen it at all if it hadn’t meowed. Above the box she finds a note written in Malik’s dense handwriting. It reads, “Congratulations on graduating, I wanted to get you something Special, and remember you saying how much you missed your cat from earth. I brought him home for you. Don’t tell anyone. Love, Dad.”
  • Inside, Remi finds a fantastic version of her cat from Earth. Gage had apparently passed through the advancement just like her and gained supernatural abilities.
  • ! Reward: Remi has reunited with her pet from Earth. In addition, Remi regains her old equipement.