Stop Her!

  • Aisling stumbles from a deep gash in her side. Defeated, she staggers and drops to her knees.
  • Seeing that they have been defeated, Nightingale goes for a knife on her belt and moves to jam it into her own neck, but Rook takes her to the ground with a vicious tackle before the suicidal blow can be delivered.
  • With Nightingale incapacitated by Rook, Padric tries to talk Aisling down as she backs away.
  • Aisling, still under the impression that Nightingale is acting on her own, refuses to surrender. She pulls the Hegemonix from a satchel, intending to use it.
  • As Aisling clicks the mechanisms of the Hegemonix into place, Remi sees that Padric is frozen, unable to bring himself to stop her. Remi charges at Aisling in an attempt to take her to the ground before she can activate the Hegemonix.
  • ! Flag Check: Does the party have the Story Flag Leg Wound?