• Bruised and beaten, the party lies defeated in the cellar while their attacker prepares to finish everyone off.
  • Suddenly, another man bursts in and yells to their Attacker, calling him by the name Damocles. He stops him from inflicting any harm on Nightingale. Damocles is flustered and confused, he turns and asks his father why he should stop from punishing those breaking into their house.
  • His father introduces himself as Elias Hyde and apologizes, helping Nightingale to her feet. He chastises Damocles for attacking without thinking. Unlike him, Elias had recognized the second Princess of Elenia, Nightingale Arsen. Elias explains to Damocles that killing a Princess of Elenia would do them no favors.
  • Damocles apologizes and turns to help the rest to their feet.
  • Nightingale and the others explain that they are from Elenia and on an important mission.
  • Seeing the princess in his cellar, Elias Hyde mistakenly believes that Nightingale and her friends must be the official help that his family fetched for from Elenia.
  • Nightingale and the others don’t know about any sort of official requested help from the capital, but they nod anyway, playing along.