Tell Me The Truth

  • Damocles chauffeurs the party down from the manor and into the streets of Hyde.
  • Unbeknownst to the Nightingale and her friends, Damocles has researched the real adventuring party from Elenia that was supposed to arrive and give aid in Hyde. They were supposed to be seafaring pirates lead by a large man named Kajax.
  • Damocles knows their story is fake and angrily confronts Nightingale while out of the earshot of his father. Damocles demands to know who they really are and what they want from him and his father.
  • Nightingale is forced to tell the truth as the tension peaks. Damocles is hot headed, and Rook worries that a fight might break loose.
  • Damocles is calmed down when Nightingale admits who she is and why she’s there. She catches Damocles up briefly, then explains that they are looking for a Theodotion mage.
  • Damocles chastises them for lying to him and his father. Regardless, he feels that their intentions are genuine. Damocles figures that as long as they are willing to help him with his mother’s situation and find the true culprit behind The Blight, he doesn’t care why they are here. More importantly, Damocles explains that he knows nothing of a Theodotion mage. However, if this fabled Theodotion was powerful enough to collapse a large section of the Hyde Mines, then it may be related to the explosion that occurred a few days ago.
  • Nightingale begins to inquire to learn more, but Damocles cuts her short and explains that they’re going to see the jailer. He tells Nightingale that her questions would be better asked there.
  • Apparently, Damocles already has a lead that none of them know about.