The Financial Dilemma

  • Now back at the embassy, with Lotus in hand, the party debates on what to do with this sought-after flower.
  • Remi has heard about the corpse lotus before. A corpse lotus in pristine condition like the one they’d just retrieved would garner them a handsome return.
  • Rook and Zeke both agree. They think that the money would help the group ensure Nightingale’s safety. Afterall, they needed money to make sure that they were properly equipped to get rid of the Maluma.
  • Nightingale can’t believe that the others are considering taking the Lotus and selling it after promising Teegan Patel that they would help her. She contends that her daughter could have been told about Middara and could be waiting to come to Middara. Remi contends that she might not. Moreover, not everyone wants to be pulled away from their friends and family.
  • !Decision: The Adventurer with the Corpse Lotus must decide what to do.