The Grace Of Rhamsted

  • The group is dragged to the Rhamsted palace in irons.
  • When they arrive, they find Malik and Grace together in the throne room. Grace chastises the guards for locking up royalty and has the irons removed before apologizing to Zeke.
  • Malik and Grace demand an explanation as they have eye witness accounts that the five of them were seen leaving the murder scene in flames. Zeke quickly defends their actions, telling them that it wasn’t them. He points the finger at Aisling, explaining that she was torching the place to hide evidence and cover her tracks.
  • Remi also backs the story up, angrily condemning her father for using Melody as a deterrent for others who might attempt to break in.
  • Malik and Grace seem relieved to hear that they weren’t the ones destroying evidence. But the relief is quickly replaced with anger at the realization that Aisling is the one behind the murder.
  • Malik and Grace argue over what to do about Aisling and the group learns that Malik had warned Grace long ago about Aisling being hell bent on revenge. Apparently, Grace hadn’t taken him seriously and no action was taken the first time she was warned by Malik.
  • Their open display of teamwork shows Padric that Aisling was probably right the whole time, these two were in league. Padric makes a snide comment to Grace about letting someone like Malik in on such official business. Grace only threatens him, making it clear that his friendship with Shayliss is the only reason Padric’s still able to run his mouth the way he does. Furthermore, Grace promises that if he intervenes with their pursuit of Aisling that Grace will have him tried all the same.
  • Padric is rudely dismissed. He bows respectfully to Grace before leaving, making sure to make eye contact with Nightingale before finally leaving the throne room.
  • Grace and Malik decide to take action against Aisling while keeping Nightingale and her friends away from causing anymore trouble. Nightingale, Remi, Zeke and Rook all protest, claiming there is a bigger threat that needs to be taken care of but Grace has none of it. She tells them that they’ll be staying in the castle until Balthazar comes to fetch them.