The Graduation

  • Later that night at the graduation ceremony, the ballroom is packed with students and supportive family. Nightingale shows her support as a new friend to Remi as she takes subtle verbal abuse form the royalty who see her sitting beside Nightingale. It’s clear to Nightingale that Remi is disliked by the royalty but she isn’t sure why.
  • Nightingale see’s Rook conversing with Kufu at a table full of Demiurge soldiers. Kufu is an old friend to Nightingale from Earth and a current member of the Demiurge.
  • She introduces Remi to Kufu and the group spend a portion of the evening dining and getting to know each other.
  • They discuss Zeke’s older sister, Antoinette Jeong. Zeke laments her absence at the party. The first year he was on Middara was spent having fun at her side. Since then, Antoinette Jeong has left to find adventure of her own.
  • Balthazar enters the ballroom and makes a commencement speech. Afterwards, once the party resumes, Nightingale makes her move. Believing that Rook was formally invited to the Demiurge by her father, Nightingale decides to ask her father personally for his blessing to join herself.
  • Balthazar surprises her, and says that Rook wasn’t invited to the Demiurge. Instead, due to Rook’s bravery during the MAST, and for saving his daughter’s life from the Earth Loa, he will be knighted and assigned as her personal protector.
  • Nightingale pleads with her father to allow her to join the Demiurge. He denies her request and the two argue.
  • Angry, Nightingale leaves to find a better party, one that Zeke had mentioned during their conversation over dinner.
  • Zeke, Rook, and Remi follow Nightingale in an attempt to calm her down.