The One That Got Away

  • Defeated, Nightingale slumps against the wall as the monster woman advances on her.
  • Remi yells, trying to distract the monster before it can kill Nightingale. The monster woman turns on Remi and bears down on her.
  • In a moment of desperation, Nightingale is coerced by the Maluma into giving up her body to save Remi’s life. With her friend screaming and in danger, Nightingale sees no alternative and accepts the Maluma’s offer.
  • The Maluma takes ahold of Nightingale’s body and ushers in incredible strength. Nightingale is controlled like a puppet as a horrific maw opens from her palms and spits forth a wave of grotesque mouths. Only moments away from making a killing blow against Remi, the monster woman is caught in the multitude of mouths and thrashed about, suffering grievous damage to her body.
  • The monster woman screams and backs away in fear as the Maluma looms above her with a wide maw. Feeling the Maluma’s malicious intent on consuming the woman whole, Nightingale fights with all of her might to force the Maluma back inside of her palms. Nightingale is able to regain control as the Maluma disappears, it’s massive mouth snapping and raging as it’s sucked back into her palms.
  • True to its word, the Maluma let her have her body back… or was it it Nightingale that forced the Maluma back inside of her? Nightingale isn’t sure, but regardless, Remi is safe, the monster Woman is incapacitated and Nightingale feels pretty good about herself.
  • ! New Story Flag & Reward: Slipping. Nightingale’s encounter with the Maluma learns her a new Discipline.