The Proper Authorities

  • With Padric escorting Aisling to Elenia proper, Remi and Nightingale rest near a quiet pond and eat lunch. The two watch with enjoyment as Remi’s new cat, Gage, plays on the pond’s edge. The two debate on what Balthazar will do to Aisling as punishment for her crimes. Nightingale suspects the gallows but the outcome could change depending on her father’s mood after his long memorial hunt.
  • Nightingale is confident that because herself, Remi, Zeke, and Rook made sure to defer to her father about Aisling’s punishment, that Balthazar will be pleased. If she’s lucky, her father might even reconsider allowing Nightingale into the Demiurge.
  • The two eventually rejoin Rook and Zeke and they continue traveling towards Hyde.