Together Until the End

  • Even out in the open, Alana and her wurm are just too powerful to defeat. Everyone is beaten back one by one. Alana dismounts her wurm, and advances on Nightingale, choosing her as the first to kill. But before she can reach her, she turns and screams in horror.
  • Breeze uses an incredible surge of nature magic to strike the monster, tearing it in half. She’s defenseless by the time Alana reaches her, and she’s dispatched easily, falling bleeding to the floor.
  • Ursy is there moments later, with her own magic. She stabs Alana from behind. But too late. Breeze has time for a final goodbye, then falls dead.
  • Nightingale does her best to comfort the devastated Ursy, crying with her in the ruins.
  • ! New Flag: Fallen Friend
  • ! New Flag: Last of her Coterie