(Critical – Error): Chapter 1 Tips

Unfortunately, the tips on page 6, 17, 33, and 58 didn’t get updated to reflect the most recent changes in the rules we made before printing. While these tips aren’t entirely incorrect in some ways, we’ve gone ahead and updated them to reflect the most recent rules in the Abridged version and all future printings.

Embarrassing, we know.

Below is a list of the corrected tips and their corresponding pages. 

Reminder: Restoring vs Not Restoring (PG.6)
When Adventurers are instructed to Restore, they Unflip and Unexhaust all cards and remove all Damage and other tokens.

If an Encounter continues without telling Adventurers to Restore, they keep all cards and Damage the way they were, although they still remove any Effect tokens. In addition, Defeated Adventurers or Adventurers with more Damage tokens than half of their max HP remove Damage tokens until they have Damage tokens equal to half of their max HP.

Tip: Special Defenses & Empowering (PG.17)
Some monsters have special defenses that make hurting them even more difficult. For example, Water Loas have the Arcane Ability. This Ability renders certain symbols during attacks useless. In this case, (Shield), (Book) and (Burst). This can be overcome in a variety of ways. First, players can use Spells. Spells are not considered Attacks, meaning that Arcane has no effect. Players can also use the Throw Ability to deal Damage. Since the Throw Ability is also not an Attack, this will also bypass Arcane’s protection.

Tip: Urgency Tokens (PG. 33)
Encounters will trigger a Lose Condition if players earn too many Urgency tokens. Urgency tokens force the players to keep moving. This prevents players from idling for too long. As soon as the players have 4 or more Urgency tokens all Adventurers are Defeated. This will lead to a Lose Condition of the current Encounter. See Pg. 50 of the Rulebook
for a refresher on Flanking.

Tip: Aggro and Pulling (PG. 58)
Remember, if an Intelligent Combatant did not have any AI Steps with a true condition, the Combatant won’t do anything. This means that a lot of enemies won’t do anything unless an Adventurer is close enough. This can be used to the Adventurers’ advantage. But be careful! At the end of a round in which no opponent had an AI Step with a true condition, and no opponents were Spawned, then the players will Gain an Urgency token.